Terms and Conditions of Order

By the nature that the items are 3d printed using the FFF method, there will be visible lines in the prints supplied, there may also be other small defects in the appearance due to the changing of layers when printing and the start point of the nozzle. Every effort is made to keep flaws to a minimum. These defects should not affect the purpose of the item. Colours may vary depending on the available filament so choosing the same colour may not result in an exact colour match. If a Colour is not selected then a colour will be chosen for you. If personalisation is requested this will be set to an appropriate case and size to best fit the object and spelling will be as detailed on the order. If personalisation is available and not entered then a generic name will be printed on the item e.g. for Targetsprint Items these may print with a TargetSprint logo. Some items require punching out, sanding, filing or heating to complete the print for its purpose. These are kept to minimum but cannot be eliminated. Items may show a branding logo. All items are subject to intellectual property rights of Stephen Batchelor and must not be copied without written consent. By placing the order it is considered that you have read, understand, agree and have accepted all of the above. Printed Items are non-returnable.


I am a qualified NSRA County Coach for both air rifle and pistol and regularly invovled in coaching local scouts and the Scout National Squad members. I am also involved in Target Sprint and currently an Educator for British Shooting. 
I started 3d printing when the cost of sight risers in particular seemed to be out of the price range for most beginner shooters. Sight risers being an important aspect in achieving a good position in shooting. Suggestions then came in about other products which have been developed with the input of shooters from many backgrounds some of which have also competed for GB.
If the items you are looking for are not on sale here then please to email me with a sketch and dimensions of your idea and I will gladly look into designing it for you. 
My printing is limited in size however so we are looking at smaller items within a size of 200x200x200mm. 
I am able to print in PLA, PETG and ABS and hold stock of a few colours, if the colour is not listed I may be able to purchase this for your project or Item.